Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting Closer

First let me say hello to all the new visitors to the site who found out about us through the plug in Wizard Magazine this month. That was a great surprise and a nice way to end the week.

People have been asking what's going on with the book and when it'll be ready and how close we are so I've opened up a new blog dedicated just for the Life of Reilly book and all the updates that go with it. I just finished the first draft today and sent it to Glenn so we're well on our way to getting this in your hands.

Please check out and bookmark/subscribe to or whatever the new Life of Reilly blog where all the information will be updated from now on.


David page said...

The plug may have been my doing

The moderators on wizards message boards was asked to recommend some blogs and one of the ones I recommended was this one.

I chose it because it was interesting and the clone saga (despite all the stick it gets) was one of my fave spidey stories

looking foward to the book

Andrew Goletz said...

Well thanks a lot for that, David. Very appreciated!

roguenemesis said...

I love this blog, it's great to see what went on behind the scenes! I was wondering if you planned to add any updates. I noticed you missed Spider-Man: Funeral For an Octopus, a miniseries that involved Kaine, Scarlet and of course Spider-Man. It sort of leads-in to the 5th part of Mark of Kaine, at least storywise, and perhaps unintentionally.

Ben Reilly Tribute said...

Hey guys! Please check out The Ben Reilly Tribute, it has some great stuff from the Clone Saga days as well as the recent Ben Reilly stuff. It's a great companion to Andrew's Life of Reilly.

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